Podium Perry Lakes
For over 30 years, TRG Properties has been earning a reputation for excellence in property development.
Podium Central Three Level Townhouses Three Level Townhouses

TRG Properties

TRG Properties Pty Ltd is part of the Transcontinental Group of Companies founded in 1981.

Based in Perth, Western Australia it has established a long and enviable reputation for excellence in property development over the last 30 years.

TRG Properties has a long list of successfully completed projects comprising retail, commercial office, englobo land sub-divisions and predominantly residential development with total end values in the billions of dollars and spread over Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland. TRG Properties is clearly an experienced developer with proven expertise and a well documented track record.

TRG Properties is a member of the Green Building Council of Australia, the Committee for Perth and the Property Council of Australia (WA).


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Podium West and Podium Central are now complete.

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